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Enabling U.S. Oil Independence 

Go Green! with Bio Lubricants!


United Bio Lube sells 160+ High Performance Biobased Lubricants, Solvents, and Fuel Conditioners to comprehensively service the needs of today's eco-aware industrial marketplace.

Our Biobased Lubricants product line is sold to U.S. governments and industries world-wide for use in heavy duty Engines, Transmissions, Turbines, Hydraulic Systems, Gears and Metalworking applications.

United Bio Lube's Biobased Lubricant products are biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable and are produced by sustainable farming and manufacturing practices.

Kindly Note:  In-house and independent 3rd party test data clearly shows other commercially available petroleum and vegetable oil compounds have not duplicated the level of performance found in United Bio Lube's patented biobased lubricant formulas.



Green Manufacturing

Go Green!  Upgrade your manufacturing plant and production facilities with safer Green Chemistry solutions from United Bio Lube.

Realize a corporate-wide Return On Investment from going green with greater machine reliability, enhanced worker safety, reduced environmental impact, and improved public relations.

Reduce your company's contribution to Global Warming, promote U.S. Oil Independence, and sell into emerging Green markets.


Green Transportation

Even this classic "Green Line" bus can Go Green!

United Bio Lube sells a complete line of ultra performance Bio Motor Oils, Bio Transmission Fluids, Bio EP Greases, and Bio Gear Oils to green your fleet today!

Our Return On Investment offer includes a 300% parts life extension, 13.5% increase in Diesel/Biodiesel Fuel Economy, 5.6% gain in Horse Power, 50% less hazardous Particulate Matter and aromatics, and a 3.1% reduction in Nitrous Oxides, NxO!


Green Agriculture

Protect your farm's soil and produce from toxic petroleum contaminants by using United Bio Lube's sustainable line of Biobased Lubricants.

United Bio Lube's Bio Universal Tractor Fluids and Bio Hydraulic Oils will kept your farms Combines and Tractors in like new condition in the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters.

Improve farm air quality, protect soil and crops, and preserve your capital investment in farm vehicles, machinery, and equipment.


Green Forestry and Parks

Join our National Parks Service in greening your Forests and Parks with United Bio Lube's renewable line of Biobased Lubricants.

Improve forrest and park air quality, protect sensitive eco-systems, and preserve your capital investment in outdoor heavy duty vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

Using Bio Fuel Conditioners together with biodegradable lubricants greatly reduces fuel emissions while helping preserve our forests and parks for future generations.


Green Ports & Marine

Go Green!  Help stop the flow of petroleum oil into highly sensitive marine and aquatic environments! United Bio Lube's Bio Hydraulic Fluids not only OUTPERFORM petroleum-based fluids and other Commercial Vegetable Oil formulas, they are 100% Biodegradable!

Reduce air pollution up to 50% in our ports by simply using BioPower™ Diesel/Biodiesel Fuel Conditioners.

United Bio Lube's Bio Corrosion Inhibitors protect outdoor vehicles, machines, equipment, and hardware from rust and oxidation in humid salt water environments.


Green Construction

Lower your company's environmental footprint on work sites and neighboring environments!

United Bio Lube sells a complete line of ultra performance-low impact Biobased Lubricants for use on construction sites, including Bio Motor Oils, Bio Hydraulic Oils, Bio Rock Drill Oils, Bio EP Greases, Bio Penetrating Lubricants to green your crews machinery, equipment, tools, and hardware!

Go Green!  Add United Bio Lube's safe Green Chemistry solutions to your Green Building Materials program and out bid your competitors.


Green Auto Repair

Extend the useful service life of your customers vehicles while reducing your workers exposures to hazardous petroleum lubricants and solvents.

Go Green!  Help your customers today by offering United Bio Lube's Bio Motor Oils, Bio Transmission Fluids, Bio EP Greases, and Bio Gear Oils.

Using 100% Biodegradable oils, fluids, and greases helps reduce the flow of hazardous petroleum products into our rivers and creeks!


Green Metalworking

Protect your workers by eliminating hazardous and flammable fumes from the workplace.

United Bio Lube sells a complete line of ultra performance Bio Metalworking Fluids, Bio Assembly Oils, Bio Spindle Oils, Bio Slideway Oils, and Bio Corrosion Inhibitors to green your production facilities today!

Eliminate hazardous materials storage and handling costs!


Green Military

United Bio Lube's line of renewable Biobased Lubricants has been extensively tested, approved, and endorsed by 3rd party labs representing U.S. Military interests.

Go Green!  Reduce dependancy on foreign oil and promote Homeland Security by converting our military branches over to renewable, bio lubricants, solvents, and fuel conditioners.

Reduce our military's environmental impact and eliminate troop exposures to hazardous petroleum emissions, hydraulics fluids, solvents, and used oils.


Green Governments

Make United Bio Lube's renewable line of high performance Biobased Lubricants a key part of your Green Purchasing Program.

Our comprehensive product line enables compliance with Executive Order 13423, the 2002 Farm Bill's Federal Biobased Products Preferred Procurement Program (FB4P), 1990 Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and CA Green Chemistry Policy.



For assistance, please call (650) 213 - 9979

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